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Re: MRI thoracic/cervical region HELP

[QUOTE=pebblebeach3;5114025]In my last post I posted about issues that I had in getting the authorization for the final implant.
Today I received from the Insurance Company, "Determination Notice of Approved Organization Determination."
It is for the Date of Service 1/11/13 and states that the above listed service (Inpatient Admission) has been reviewed and found to be medically necessary and appropriate."
So I think this should be sufficient for the procedure on Friday. I have never in the past faced so many issues when I went to the hospital or before and had any issues that the surgery was going to happen.
I think the doctors office really messed up and he wont admit it.
Just get me thru this.[/QUOTE]

Hey pebble, Yes, I agree. I pray that God will get you through this surgery without any complications of any kind. It is quite enough in my opinion what with the mess up last time & psyching oneself up to facing the surgery without any business office malarkey to make any more stress on you. Hopefully, it is all taken care of now & you have the approval letter so all will go according to plan. Hence, I hope that all will be smooth sailing from now on until recovery. I cant wait to hear the pain relief in your "voice"! I am making an appointment with a neurosurgeon to see about the pump for myself soon as it was recommended awhile back for me but I was really controlled pain wise with the fen patch & breakthrough until now, the pain has never been this severe at least that i can remember! Keep updating, there are so many pulling for you! Thanks pebble.