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Re: why is my nose popping?

thanks for your reply! Well I have definitely logged a TON of hours in front of a computer. I know I have poor posture and have tried to be aware of how I'm sitting. And the popping started while I was sitting at my desk one day. I kept thinking it was the wall settling behind me. But nooo. I later realized it was my nose!

I've had x-rays of my neck and back by an orthopedic doctor. He's the one that told me I had whiplash and c1-c2 dysfunction. I had never been injured so I assume it was a direct cause of the first chiropractor. I then went though two months of therapy. My daily migraines on the left side of my head went away but the burning sensations remained. Interestingly enough the burning was at an all time high during therapy. That makes me think it is definitely a muscle, joint or nerve issue of some sort. Just like it was getting further irritated by therapy but didn't quite get fixed.

Interesting about the spray and stretch therapy. I've never heard of that. I do feel like I have some muscle issues still. My upper back and neck are almost always sore and stiff feeling. I'm only 30 but in the mornings I feel like an old lady. Though the day the achier my neck is the worse the burning, popping and dull headache is. And it's ALWAYS worse when I'm sitting. Once I get up and move around it's alleviated.

I don't believe I have allergies... Only because the symptoms seem to be on only one side of my head. I never have a runny nose or itchy eyes. An ENT thought I had an allergy but the allergy meds he gave me did nothing. I was allergy tested twice and nothing turned up.

I've also been checked for TMJ and supposedly don't have it.

I keep wondering if I need to just find a really good chiropractor again? I made an appt with one in the morning. He claims he won't work on me unless he believes it is something chiropractic can fix. We will see...