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Re: My Stroke

Happy New Year!

Today I am doing good....not great but good! I have so much to be thankful for.

Just a couple updates: with the help of Lipitor and diet changes I have lowered my total cholesterol to 91!!!! Yes, I had to ask twice did she mean 191. Lol THEN I went by the clinic to get a copy of the labs.

My BP meds are doing OK. (BP pill, calcium blocker, and 32mg Bayer aspirin) My BP spikes which scares me but I think I'm doing ok. At one time BP was too low and felt fainty when I stood up. I think this is the 3rd type of BP med and many dosage adjustments.

I stopped the cymbalta about a month ago because numbness had radiated to my lower lip and had started moving down under my chin. Now on lyrica which isn't doing a thing for me.

SO the pain levels are high with a different sensation. I believe I remember reading on here that another survivor had the same feeling. It feels like a 4 inch band is around my leg just above the knee and squeezing it. It hurts! Same thing with my arm and hand! Hard to explain. Lol but I'm not crazy, right? Lol

I've noticed my neck and shoulder are getting stiffer by the day. I need to get back in therapy! Just hated missing work to go. I know....shame on me!

anyway, I hope my update finds you fine and dandy!

Much love to all of you,

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