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Re: New to forum. Lumbar and cervical spine problems

Although most of the "lumbar" people post on the Back Problems board, it so happens I've had both worked on.

Let me explain something about spines that will help you know what to do first. Pain makes us all stand up and take notice but the reality is, the numbness may put your neck ahead of your lumbar in needing to be fixed. In order to have pain, the nerves have to alive and kicking. Nerves that are in trouble and showing signs of possible permanent damage or impending paralysis show signs like muscle weakness, numbness, pins and needles sensations and decreased reflexes. Your arms are in danger.

But here is another problem. Often a bad neck is responsible for leg problems. Pressure on the spinal cord in the neck doesn't cause pain but does cause major problems with trying to walk. I remember how I couldn't get my thighs to go forward....I walked taking baby steps. Turned out it was my neck, not my lumbar.

I suspect when you get that MRI result, you may find that you need surgery. I was 55 when I had my neck worked on for similar problems. Did great...until I broke it a few months later. Now my neck is fused from C3 to T1 and you know is not that bad. I can still do just about everything I used to do and with little pain. I'm back here because I recently developed a new problem but it is related to the fractures I got an not the arthritis.

And once your neck is fixed, then you can see what is left that can be attributed to your lumbar spine. Seems like you need that L5 fixed. I just had that done in March and it has been a great recovery. No pain and steadily increasing strength.

The alternative is slow but certain paralysis. And you still have pain. So fixing what you can is about the best you can do.

Let us know what the cervical results are, okay?