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Heart Failure... Help!

Recently my mother went for a stress test. After having an ekg and a few other tests the doctor came back and told her that she had a major heart attack which has severely affected the left side of her heart. My mother was not aware of this heart attack, but she did have heart attack symptoms briefly that she ignored about a month ago. The doctor says that the left side of my mothers heart is only working at 20%. This is due to the heart attack. They do not feel as if there are any blockages but have asked her to consider a heart cath. We are both very worried about the cath. I have heart stories of people dying during this procedure or shortly after. My mother is only 56.
She is not swollen but she is experiencing shortness of breath and fatigue. I'm writing because I am really concerned and worried. This came as a complete shock to all of us and I can honestly say I have not been able to sleep since. My anxiety is through the roof to the point where I myself am having horrid chest pains.
My question is has anyone gone through a similar situation like this before?

What exactly does it mean to only have 20 percent function in the left side of your heart? Is my mothers time limited?

Should we consider the cath? Any other questions or procedures we should look into?

Please, anything will help me. I have been researching this nonstop and I can not find much information.
Thank you all so much.
God bless and hope you are all having a nice new year.

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