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Re: New meds to try... Anyone ever heard of this one???

Yes I have tried this one. For me, it actually did cause the side effects that I don't get with opiates! It made me quite dizzy, and a bit loopy and nauseous. And this was at supposedly a fraction of the dose a conversion chart recommended. I can take other pain meds at much higher doses without feeling impaired.

Pain meds like many treatments can be hit or miss. I'd give it a try and see how it goes. Nucynta has been out a couple years, but due to the high cost (brand only) and such, its not prescribed quite as much. Double check your insurance will even cover it, and if so, at what cost.

Studies show that when opiates are taken for legitimate chronic pain, the risk of addiction is quite low. Do you have some type of addiction history? Otherwise, that would not be something of great concern, only something to be aware of. Also, it doesn't have to be an opiate like oxycodone or morphine to develop an addiction...some folks have even become addicted to Tramadol.

Anecdotal evidence at least seems to show that meds like Nucynta and Opana which are supposed to avoid the "high" seem to work for less folks, or work to a lesser degree. I have also found that true. Everyone is different though. Some folks report meds like this work for them while the other true opiates don't.

I assume they are trying you first on the IR (immediate release) version. Was there talk of adding the ER (extended release) version if its helpful? If for some reason they give you higher than a 50mg dose to start (the lowest...they make 50, 75, and 100mg IR tablets), I'd ask for a lower one or ask if you can cut it in half.

I was taking 60mg oxycodone for breakthrough pain (for which the conversion chart suggested 300mg Nucynta as its estimated as 5:1). So, they tried me on the 100mg IR. It made me feel ill for a few hours...couldn't get up off the couch lol. Even the 50mg did that somewhat. So glad we didn't try 200 or 300mg.

Better to start low and add if needed--this is true with any med. I also only try new meds at home and on a weekend. In case anyone is curious, we put it on the back burner for me (might try the ER version some other time in hopes the dizziness and such would be diminished with the slower release).

The actual prescribing info (available in pdf online) will show you what percent of folks got what side effect in the study for FDA approval, compared to placebo. Most common are nausea at 30% and dizziness at 24%, although its not as bad as it sounds as in the placebo group, 13% got nausea and 8% had dizziness.

I find that info way more helpful than the very long list of all the possible side effects in the pharmacy printouts (I don't want to be dwelling on the < 1% stuff). Best wishes.
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