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Re: Heart Failure... Help!

Thank you for your reply. Her father died of a heart attack at 46. Both of his parents died of heart attacks. This is what is causing concern. Overall, her health and diet are pretty good. What is most concerning to me is the 20 percent heart function in the left side. This seems awfully low to me and as if this is very severe to her health.
Generally, she is short of breath, a little coughing and more tired than usual. Nothing that would strike us that this was occurring inside of her chest for so long.
I have heart of generally healthy people going for a routine cath and having massive heart attacks on the table resulting in their passing. This is why we are debating on whether to risk this and see if there is anything that can be done or keep it as it is (her medication she has been prescribed is on its way) but risk any new problems even death resulting from a second heart attack.

A second opinion sounds like a good way to go for now. She is very stubborn and does not understand that she needs to slow down and stop doing strenuous work. She is superwoman (to me at least) and it is hard for her to let anyone do anything for her.
Thank you for your thoughts!