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Unhappy Asked my boyfriend to watch porn and watch me masturbate

So i have been dating this guy roughly 6 months. He has bipolar disorder. When we met things were good i guess. Sex was consistent. My roomate disliked him. I think he had a secret thing for her. Like he wanted a threesome with us. I realized this when we were having sex one night, and i was masterbating afterwards. He told me it seems like im on not satisfied and that maybe if we got another female in the bedroom it would be more satisfying. I was very offended. I really thought he wanted to just have a threesome with my roomate and myself. Things escalated. it got ugly my roomate was flirting with him and he said one day hey let's play strip poker and i put him in his place. to get to the point. I had to move out. My relationship with my roomate and longtime friend ended horribly.

Now i'm here my own place. This man has 3 kids with 3 diff women he cannot see any of them because of his illness and behavior. He has brought up the 3some issue a few times but it is so embedded in my head it is a constant battle. he said he respect the fact i dont want that. but i feel he really doesnt. he was in a mental facility for a month taking off with some random on the skytrain and i had no idea where he went. he gave me some weird stories. i visited him for a month every day as he has no family. now are sex life is horrible. we fight all the time. i got angry and pushed him and he threw me across the room and hurt me fairly bad, couldve been worse. yesterday, i was so horny i decided to watch porn. i asked him if he could watch me play with myself while i watch it. i told him he could pick the porn and he did . He ended up masterbating, not touching me not looking at me nothing! and ejaculated after he went off about how he cant have sex when he is depressed. I feel like im at the end of my rope. He said some mean things to me today. I need to make a decision here. I love him but its clear it he is not into me at all. And this is some fun game to play with my mind. Im super depressed and i need some advice. Please advise? (apologize for bad grammar and spelling its like 5am )

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