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Re: Left side paralysis and a nursing home fate

Lindsey, every little bit of progress is worth a shout. My mom had a massive stroke at 63 and her dad several strokes when he was 65. She in 1980 and he in 1953. Since then there has been so much progress and medical attention given to stroke patients. I had a stroke in March of last year but only missed one day of work. It has been a challenge but I am improving every day as I try my best to keep mentally challenged as well as physically. I was able to keep my mom at my house for several weeks but she wanted so badly to go back home. I finally found someone to live with her who was a good friend. I did not have to put her in a nursing home nor did my grandad have to go to a nursing home for which I am most grateful. That is a difficult thing to do. The more you can work with him, yourself, the better he will be in the long run. I worked with my mom every day just helping her walk in the house. I had a belt around her waist and she would drag in right foot along but she was so happy just to be able to do that little bit. She was always ready to do it again. Just keep encouraging him and we will keep encouraging you.