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Re: Perimenopause - Heart Palps - And The Beat Goes On!

Thank you all for all your advice. It makes me feel better knowing that I am not alone! I am new to all this and just going through the WTHeck is going on with my body stage. I still haven't been certifiably diagnosed with perimenopause but after doing this research and reading about the symptoms, I guess I have to It is just the heart palps that scare the daylights out of me sometimes and get so tired of them happening everyday now.

I mentioned in my initial post, I did go to the doctor and he did order bloodwork. The palps were happening when I was at the visit. I still am a little ticked that he didn't to an EKG when I was there because I do work and wanted to at least kill 2 birds with one stone while I was at the visit. The only thing he did do was tell me to up my bp meds (Atenolol) to 50 mg. I was only on 25 mg. My bp was fine and so was my pulse. I have been taking it for a month now and unfortunately, it has done nothing for the palps. I have been taking magnesium, multi-vitamins, etc. but still no help.

Titchon - You mentioned something about coughing. It is weird because I feel like (excuse the manners) but I feel like if I belch a little it helps. I even mentioned this to the doc and he looked at me like I just flown in from

Iris and Teacher - That is great information that you gave regarding your body eventually adjusting to the hormones. That does make sense. I just hope I can speed up the

I know this is a long journey and even in my mind I can't believe that I am 46 years old but my hormones seem to differ!

Many thanks and hugs to you all!