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Sorry you are not doing so good!!! As of yesterday I am not doing well either. I swear that this bad air is going to keep me sick forever. My dr just upped me to the dulera 200/5 and added singular I need to start it but when I took one I got the worst headache so I stopped. Don't know if that is related but it knocked me down and I get migraines really bad so it takes a lot to knock me down. I am worried if I call my asthma dr they will add more stuff onto what I take now which I don't really want but will if need be lol. Feel better!!!

Originally Posted by MountainReader View Post
Last Friday, my doctor added Pulmicort 180mcg to my regimen. This puts me taking both Dulera 200 mcg/5mcg (twice a day) and the Pulmicort (once a day right now) at night. I take Singulair at night. I've also been doing a nebulizer treatment before bed as well.

I'm curious. Is anyone else taking Pulmicort and another LABA at the same time? How are you using them? Are you using them at the same time putting some time in between the dosages? When using them with the nebulizer treatments, how much time do you put in between?

FYI. Right now, we literally have the worst air in the country. This has resulted in the need for the additional treatments.