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Re: Left side paralysis and a nursing home fate

good morning lindsey

i want to introduce myself to you. i suffered my stroke 5 months ago and i am stillo going. its a struggle and everyone in this stroke thread has basically the same problem. we all need encouragement and our family provides this to us.

i have always been upbeat and full of enthusisam , we have such wonderful people on this website. i felt after my days in vietnam this was the worse of my life, suffering numerous health problems. agent orange heart disease and open heart surgery, cancer diabetes neuropathy, a perm colostomy. so after all these bumps in the road i felt i was home free. what else could happen?

then approx 4 months ago i was found in the hospital with my stroke, on the left side. i have my pt/op and just a strong will to live. i found this websiteby luck and these people accepted me with open arms, what a great group of individuals.

i take my illness very seriously and know i will regain most of my arm,leg,foot andmy hand. we need to belive in our family friends . my wife bless her standds bye my side day in day out. i want to wish you and your mother a recovery and always belive.

i was raised with six younger sisters and i the oldest and only boy, so if i survived and still smile.

my sincere best wishes we are all in this together

allen aka cactus al

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