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Re: I quit nearly 2 years ago, but ....

I'm still smoking but know a bit about what you're going through. It would be nice if I could just throw them down and walk away but know it's not going to happen. I can applaud anyone who can quit smoking successfully. I tried Chantix and thought I was going to die from the leg and chest pains it caused. Girlfriend did chantix with no problem. Yet, others I know had hallucinations and nightmares with no physical effects.
For one thing, you spent 30 years putting all that stuff in your body and your body adjusted or compensated to tolerate it. Some of the garbage will leave on it's own and some will be with you forever. Detox is as mysterious as any malady just as addiction can be. It seems that there are some good things that Niacin does to help flush out the toxins. I'm definitely more convinced that a natural approach with supplements and changes in behavior with exercise is a best approach. One theory in my mind is that the body will have to go through changes to rebuild and reconfigure to the new you. Definitely, not everyone has the same body chemistry and everyone will have to tailor their treatment to what works for them. Address each symptom individually and look at what they have in common then cut down on the unnecessary or duplicated supplements. Many are synergistic so taking a particular combination very well may work better than one simple supplement alone.

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