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Originally Posted by bellacec View Post
Hello: I have been experiencing hair loss for about 2 yrs now at least since I noticed . I was diagnosed with Sjogrens just over a year ago. I am on a continuous mission to find a "cure "or anything that will help with the hair loss. I am getting pretty thin on top and I had very thick hair before this all began. It is distressing and embarrassing. I hate washing my hair and seeing it in my hands. I am washing it only once a week now. I have tried or am still on Viviscal, zinc , biotin, other herbal stuff etc. I am now using a laser comb- 15 minutes a day and just started this about a week ago. They cost $450. to purchase, I am fortunate a friend of mine has loaned me hers. If it works I will buy one! I have spent thousands of dollars already trying to fix this and it is most discouraging. Please , anyone do have suggestions. ? thanks for your help
I, too, have Sjogren's and hair loss; and have contemplated purchasing the laser comb. Please update us if it is working for you!