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Re: New meds to try... Anyone ever heard of this one???

I took it for the first time this am and Im ALLERGIC to it!!! Such is my luck... I swent to the surgeon this morning and they are repeating the MRI and then we will discuss whether or not I will have to do a disk replacement, a spinal fusion or both. They need to see how bad C-5 and C-7 are at this point and the last MRI was done 3 months ago and the clarity wasnt very good so we are going to do contrast this time. Does anyone know the sucess rate of the two different procedures, or have any suggestions on which to go with? What is the recovery and down time like? Will I be completely disabled after the surgery? Will the surgery actually help with the pain and allow me to function at the same level as I did before? I also have degenrative disk disease and osteo-arthritis, so Im concerned about the effect the surgery will have on the spine itself and if it will hold. What is a good medication to ask for or a combination that may work? I DONT want to be on narcotics for the rest of my life! I dont get a whole lot of relief with them anyway and as of right now they have tried Norco 5/325, Norco 7.5/352 (2 every 4 to 6 hours) and percocet 5 and 7.5. Nothing at this time has seemed to make any real difference at all with the pain. Im so frustrated, scared and tired of hurting! I want my life back! And suggestions or feedback is greatly appreciated!
I have done chiropractic care and PT for 4 months just to try and heal it naturally before going through pain management and surgery. Unfortunately, it hasnt helped. The pain and numbness continue to get worse as does the inability to use my right hand and arm... I am also right handed which makes it even more difficult!

Thanks again for the support and suggestions!