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new guy, need help deciphering labs

I've been told on a different board that I have Hashi's. It seemed like a somewhat knee-jerk diagnosis. Wanted to see what you all thought of these lab results. I've had a lot of adrenal fatigue type symptoms. Most of those have subsided quite a bit, I'm still left with anxiety and depression. I seem to have these spells where I crash into an adrenal fatigue type of syndrome and it takes months to pull out of it. The only med I'm on now is amlodipine for high BP. Below are my lab results. Thank you for your help.

Free T3 - 3.3pg/mL range 2.3-4.2
Free T4 - 1.22ng/mL range .85-1.72
Total T3 - .68ng/mL range .6 - 1.81
TSH - 2.05uIU/mL range .35-5.5
Antithyroglobulin Ab <20IU/mL range 0-40
TPO Ab - 8IU/mL 0-34

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