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Re: New to forum. Lumbar and cervical spine problems

Thank you for your reply. I was referred to physio and only saw her once as she referred me to see an orthopedic specialist at my local hospital. I have been prescribed morphine and naproxen by my GP. The orthopedic specialist hasn't given me any medication until I get the results of my cervical MRI on 22 of this month. I first went to my GP with severe pain and numbness in my legs 18 months ago. It has taken this long for me to go through the system. The morphine was only prescribed to me about 6 months ago so I have been left in crippling pain for a year. The morphine isn't doing anything for my pain now, especially for my arms and hands, my hands swell quite badly every morning and I can't feel them at all. The swelling does go down, but not completely.soon as I try to do anything they swell back up and go red including my fingertips. I can't straighten either thumb anymore.