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Horrible taste/smell from crown

I had a crown put in about 6 years ago and everything's been great with it up until a couple of weeks ago. Around that time I started experiencing bad breath and a foul taste in my mouth that I initially didn't know the source of. Then I traced the small gap between the crown and gumline on the inside part of the crown with my tongue and the taste was absolutely putrid.

I'm absolutely positive that the crown is the source of the taste/smell and I don't know what to do about it. Is it an infection or possibly bacteria getting caught in that small gap? The gap doesn't seem overly large but it's definitely noticeable.

And the foul taste isn't constant. After I floss, brush and rinse with mouthwash, it isn't there. But after awhile, I'll taste it again and intermittently throughout the day. Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated.

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