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Re: What's going on here?

Originally Posted by Frankstallone View Post
Day 1 blister type sore where base of penis connects to scrotum. Tiny pain. Some itching.

Day3 3 days of body ache and fever. No flu symptoms.

Day 6. Dermatologist pa says looks like herpes. Takes swab of sore, now small bumps have grown on scrotom as well. Puts me on 7 days of the valtrex drug.

Blood/ urine test 8 point for all stds.

Day 10 sore is disappearing. All stds come back negative. Currently right side of body hurts when my skin is touched by anything like clothes.

Any suggestions? Waiting on swab.
Iam sorry you have been experiencing what sounds very much like an 'outbreak'. My skin feels unbelievably painful that nothing I wear doesnt hurt. I don't get some symptoms as severely each time. It can fluctuate or there isn't a part body that doesn't ache,etc. Ache is a mild word.everyone's body/immune system is dif though so do try
to stay positive as you find a Dr tht will find out answers you need. And a treatment plan if required. I understand...I never thought I would ever find ppl tht could provide info,support,kindness. NO judgement. I read others words and experiences and I don't feel so alone. Take care of yourself)