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Smile Re: Body Odor that I have and people at work only smell it!!

Originally Posted by Keisha12 View Post
Bo aka Body Odor seems to be my problem. I can't smell it myself, but I can kind of tell by the hints people try to drop, their body language coupled with violent fits coughing, sneezing, sniffling, and irregular breathing (carefully-regulated mouth-breathing) at work, stores and church... I metioned to one doctor that i've recently noticed I've develped a smell when started takin the medicine that a doctor told me to take for a rash, but he told me that will NOT give me a BO, and he said he didn't smell anything... I asked my mom as well and she dont smell nothing at all...

I wash very thoroughly with dial, level 2000 soaps oh black soap too, use tons of detergent, now the back of my legs and butt how can I stop it from itching as well. I'm sick of hearing everyday at work about how "someone smells." They've said it smells like funk, feet, beer, 'poo.' (I really dont know if that what it smell like, but one day I smelled myself and it smelled like a homeless person), Oh sometimes I can smell it slightly when I first arrive at work, most strongly at the spot where Im working sometimes. but after working I dont smell it. I would go to the bathroom to smell myself and if its really bad I can smell it alil and if it not as bad I cant smell it at all...

Now I was reading some stories on here about the same problem I have, but It just started, No! it was not goin on for years, only for 3 weeks now... The feed back I seen to some stories were talkin about doing the Master Cleanser or the lemon diet, washing there clothes with 20 mule team Borax... Now will that help? I really want to get the detergent from off my skin as well, so what to use for that? Oh and Im goin to clean my house as well cuz I could be living in the odor and dont know it!!... Well PLEASE help me cuz I cant call off work no more!!
Hi I just noticed that my skin smells like the homeless also, the strange thing is that I take baths at least 2 times a day. I only smell it when I close my bedroom door, and I said (what is that smell?) little did I know it was me. I have been reading your articles I just started taking probiotics, I heard about it from Dr OZ. May be we all can write him together and he can help us with this problem.