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rheumatologist for autoimmune work up? strange symptoms

I'm very confused as doctor's are by myself and my symptoms, I'm not sure if anyone has been in a similar situation or has any advice. I have a few different symptoms but one of the main concerns with me is at 19 years old, 120 pounds, I had a blood pressure of 170/100 before medication, I am now on a beta blocker which they've increased my dosage a few times and my blood pressure hangs around 130/85 now. I got a ct scan angiography of my kidneys to rule out renal artery stenosis, this was found unremarkable, but according to a doctor today they told me my kidneys could be have been viewed as normal but could be having a spasm. Since my kidneys were found unremarkable by the ct scan my doctor referred me to a cardiologist who I saw yesterday, he unfortunately increased my dosage, and made an appointment for an echocardiogram for next week. Aside from the high blood pressure ever since I had Mono, which was about 2 and a half years ago I developed strange outbreaks of rashes on my hands/arms. I have other symptoms such as fatigue, so they believed it could be lupus, but I tested negative. Apparently you can get a false negative, I don't know if this occurred with anyone else. So after I saw a doctor today they wrote me a referral to see a rheumatologist for an autoimmune work up. The other strange thing with me is persistent enlarged glands on my neck, under arms, & groin. I have this one swollen gland, which I believe is called the submandibular gland which is more firm. The doctor I saw today suggested I see my primary doctor & mention Hodgkin's Lymphoma as this is a symptom & is a more common cancer in my age group......I appreciate any advice from anyone on what this could be or advice on what steps to take next.

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