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Re: Super heavy periods...what's normal?

I'm assuming your doc is checking your hormone levels. I developed very heavy periods, it started in my twenties with occasional heavy bleeds and got gradually worse, but by the time I was in my thirties there were about 3 days out of my period I couldn't leave the house because of it. I used to sleep on towels in bed at night, use tampons and pads at the same time, it was just out of control, I could bleed through a fresh tampon in minutes and often had to change my clothes from sudden heavy bleeding. My periods also became incredibly painful, I would get pain midcycle and then again with my period. I worked out that when I got a cramping pain, it meant there was a big clot coming (tmi I know lol) The weird thing is that it happened so very gradually that for me it was normal, but eventually like you I started to think, this can't be normal can it? In my case I had developed polycystic ovarian syndrome and was put on the pill which controls the pain and bleeding because my hormones were all over the place.

I also developed the worst PMS which I had never had until 6 months before my diagnosis. Like clockwork, two days before my period I would just start feeling stressed and it would just build and build for 2 days until I felt like I was going crazy and I would yell and argue over everything, then after about 48 hours of this I would suddenly break down and turn into a sobbing mess, it was like I had this overwhelming feeling that I just couldn't cope anymore, and then within hours I would get my period and suddenly feel completely normal again, it was insane.

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