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Re: How do you deal with having Cerebral Palsy?

That is a great question. I have asked people the same thing and I never really get an answer that helps me. It seems most people have had people around them growing up who encouraged them enough so that they were never scared or affected by people who treated them badly. I don't run into things like what you wrote that are more honest about what it's really like to live this way. I thank you for that, though I know that doesn't help you.

First you should get as much help as you can with a good doctor and physical therapist so you know you are in the best shape you can be. Once you have done that, I think you have to try and find joy in parts of life that make you happy and have nothing to do with walking. For me that is music and watching sports and being with animals. By the way if you like animals, getting a pet is a great thing for you to do. So many of them need homes and they are the BEST, most loyal friends you will ever find, who will never judge you, rate you, pick on you.

I know it's extremely difficult getting treated like garbage, not getting to just be a regular person blending in with everybody else, not dating. Believe me, I am with you 100%. I have no great answers for you other than trying to find people as similar to you as possible, either with CP or just being good people who won't care what you've got. I know there are a LOT of shallow people out there. Remember that they're just not good enough for you, because they're not. A person who cannot go beyond appearances and appreciate other qualities about you is not worth your time. Just trust me. Good luck and write back if you want.