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Re: Spastic CP and Positional Vertigo

Yes, I have recently been told by a doctor that being extremely hot and extremely cold are normal for CP. I have very cold (as in purple) feet and hands nearly all the time.

As for anxiety think of all the things that are currently making your nervous, and if a lot of them have to do with CP, you can blame it on that. If you are jumping at sudden noises more than other people around you are doing, that is called startle reflex which is common with CP. I hate being around regular balloons for this reason, in case they pop. I jump a mile.

I don't know about the spasms other than trying stretching, though how you do that depends on which muscles are affected. Honestly, though, I don't think that will help you for a long time. Definitely ask a doctor about this one.

Good luck to you.