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Re: my mom just committed suicide

Welcome, and please accept my deepest sympathies. I understand why you are not yet ready to talk about this with anyone, but there are people here who are happy to offer you the support and understanding you need most.

This must be a terrible shock, and it is perfectly natural not to know just what to think, or what to do. I have just gotten through the first year following both my parents deaths, 30 days apart. While they were not suicide, they were completely unexpected, especially both at once.

Do you have any siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins that you are close to? I found that members of my family that I had never felt very close to came forward at the time of need and I was very grateful for those kind souls. There were also friends of my mom and dad that came forward, friends and neighbors too. Time will tell who those people are for you.

Who told you of her passing? Did you two live near each other, and will you be making her final plans? Although I had a sister, she chose to disappear when I needed her most, and I did all the planning and services myself. I never saw her again.

Please excuse me for the questions, when I imaging your head is already swimming with confusion and pain. I only mention these things because I could possibly help you with the upcoming events that will come.

My first bit of encouragement is to take the best care of yourself that you can. You need to eat well, rest well and keep hydrated and calm. Is there anyone who could be with you right now?

How is your health and emotions holding up? Please let me know how you are feeling when you can. WE are here to help you, and I will follow along to see what we can do to help you in the coming hours and days. I think your decision to seek some comfort and support is very good for you, while we are strangers now, we wont be as time goes on.

My prayers to you and you mother.