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Re: vertigo attack and aftermath

thanks for your reply, seekingpeace.

I actually did have a fall, I think about a week before the vertigo attack. I slipped on a wet tile floor and fell on my back. I didn't hit my head though. Since I have neck and back pain generally, it's hard for me to know if this fall had any effect on my neck, since neck pain is nothing out of the ordinary for me.

The osteopath I saw (one month after the attack) told me there was no misalignment in the parts of the spine usually responsible for dizziness. The GP (who I also saw a month after the attack) just did some very basic tests, but decided, from these, that I did not have BPPV. He had me lie down quickly on each side and then look up at im and said there was no nystagmus. He also had me close my eyes and walk toward him a few steps and since I could do this concluded I had no balance problems. I explained to him that this was not the case--that my balance is off and I feel unsteady while walking, but he didn't seem to understand. He even asked me if I was sure I was dizzy and was not just anxious about having another vertigo attack. I'm assuming I would really need to see a specialist to get meaningful feedback.

When I was taken to the hospital the day of the attack they did blood tests which showed I had an elevated WBC count. They concluded I had food poisoning and did not do any further testing. Assuming I had an ear infection there were no symptoms. I wasn't sick before the attack. The GP I saw checked my ears and said everything looked fine (but, once again, that was a month after my attack).

I'm guessing somehow my vestibular system did get damaged though, especially if, as you say, a severe vertigo attack would not normally be caused by neck issues.

I have been given two different medications for dizziness/vertigo. They didn't help at all at first. Afterwards I took them a couple of times and found they seemed to improve my condition a little though not totally; but I have been hesitant to take them since that, because I read that taking these medications will just delay my recovery?

I have tried some natural things I read about like ginger, lemon juice, gingko, but haven't noticed any benefit these.

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