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Re: Perimenopause - Heart Palps - And The Beat Goes On!

Hi lalaflorida.i havnt been in here for a bit.Your symptoms sounded just like me heart palpatations wobly jelly legs feels like there gonna give way any minute.I have swopped doctors cos mine wasnt helping me my legs are terrible its worse when i have to go out anywhere,then you hit the nail on the head ATENOLOL thats just what ive been on for 6 years my new doctors have weaned me off them ive been off them now 7 weeks they made my life unbearable, im 45 and think im going through perimenopause ive had an hormone test and it cam eback inconcklusive which the doctor said it could but he will believe me.These palpatations are far worse when im due to have my period and around my 14th day my legs are so painful but i have been doing nothing for nearly 2 years now, ive suffered from not daring to go out and becoming very panicy so im trying to get my legs working again

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