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Re: Lumbar Fusion Question

[QUOTE=teteri66;5114065]I suppose it could depend on how it is done (from the front, back or side) but generally I would say eight screws would be a three level fusion.

I hope you are getting more than one opinion and seeing an orthopedic spine surgeon in addition to a neurosurgeon before proceeding. You want to make as sure as you can that you are having the appropriate surgery for your problems, no more and no less.[/QUOTE]

I spoke to my Primary Care Physician yesterday about the referral for 2nd opinion. He is referring me to a fellowship trained neurosurgeon with the Neuroscience Clinic at Stanford. He received the report from the local Neurosurgeon, and confirmed it is a 3-level fusion (L3-S1) that is being recommended. He's going to put a rush on the referral, so I can be seen within 2 weeks, and will review both opinions with me before I proceed. He agreed that surgery is inevitable, and will have to be done in order to improve my quality of life. So now, I wait.

Teteri, Thank you for your advice and support. I know I've said it more than once ..."You are a great help"!