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Re: IBS 20yr Misery

YooHoo CCW... where art thou? I hope your absence means you are just too busy with life to be on line posting!

And are you feeling these days? How is the med working? I hope you've found relief from those painful cramps.

Things here are good. I had my one year post op visit with my breast surgeon yesterday (one year out from my mastectomy) and got the thumbs up sign! All is looking good (happy dancing for sure!)

My stomach continues to behave. Of course, during the holiday season, I ate probably what I shouldn't have eaten, drank what I shouldn't have drunk, so I had little episodes here and there of tummy issues. Key word is little. By adjusting my fiber, imodium, and food, my tummy quickly settled down and I was able to keep on enjoying all the fun.

You know what made me smile? Yesterday, when I was in the doc office filling out all those forms they give you, I actually placed a check mark next to NO for digestive problems!! Woot Woot!

Hope all is well!!