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Re: Question- BPD

It sounds like you might have BPD traits. It's never a good idea to willingly pin yourself down with another burdensome diagnosis too soon, which is what I've gone over with my psychiatrist before. Having BPD and BPD traits is pretty different, like Amasita said. I personally identify with having BPD traits and not full-blown BPD... and to me, it's more fortunate to have traits vs. the very severe full-blown problem. For some people the disorder can be very intense. A distant relative has it and they had to go to a psychiatric hospital for months for the disorder, so it is not always easy to deal with, just as many personality disorders can do that.

Your sensitivity is definitely BPD oriented in accordance to others things you pointed out. I am the same. One small criticism and I am withdrawn, hurt secretly, or very angry with the person who did it to me. Like you, it seems that I am hateful of family the most which happens oddly with many BPD sufferers I've had contact with... maybe because we feel the people who are closest to us have no right to 'betray' or hurt us, and then we get very vengeful when we feel attacked by them.