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Wink Re: MRI thoracic/cervical region HELP

HI PB! Just want to send you my very best wishes for a speedy recovery!
and a side note about the hassle you had, a lot of changes have been taking place in the entire health field! Example: yesterday I went to the pharmacy to get Rx's filled. Their new policy (effective Dec.1,12) is your drivers license address HAS TO match the address on the RX! I live in FL. most people here have dual address'! They told me they would let it slide this time & to get my license changed! I still own a home at my current address & am staying here temporary. Also have had problems with insurance turning down or requesting add'l info on a lot of my claims. Two were for rehab in two states; both wanted me to resubmit my RX for therapy! I don't have it, I gave it to them when I walked in the door!
ok, sorry I went off, but I think it's going to get worse……
Let us know how you're doing ASAP!