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Re: electric/shock sensation while falling asleep?

Hey guys, im happy i found this thread, its calming to see other people having pretty much the same thing and surviving just fine. I only started having this sensation right before this christmas.
im 23yr old guy, and i guess i have to mention that this happened few days after i partied pretty hard. I took some extasy for the first time, partied for 2 days straight, i didn't eat much, and probably didn't drink enough water too.. so theres plenty of reasons to blame this on, i know.
So this happened a few days after the party, i was rested by then, back home, trying to fall asleep, and the electric bolt sensation in the back of my head came out of the blue, i dont think i was even too close to falling asleep, because it usually takes me awhile.. first time i was scared sh*tless. heart started racing, i felt a little numb, like a tingly feeling int the hands. also the closed eye visuals (the lava lamp kind of colours you see when you close your eyes) seemed to be way more intense than usual, vision was really grainy. then it happened again a few times, and actually after like 5 times, i THINK i was albe to evoke this feeling at will. next night i could repeat it too. it wasnt pleasant at all, but i was curiuos, it felt more like intesified fainting, than dying.. So the next day i kinda tried googling that, and actually found that the feelings that came with the lightning to the head feeling,etc. were actually "common symptoms of astral projection"... go figure.
I didn't see any doctors yet, and im not on any heavy medication at all.
and im not as disturbed by it so far to go check myself out, rather curious. iv'e been having it on and off during last few weeks, but not as harsh as the first times, only once or twice a night, every other night maybe.

so yea, just sharing my bit. cheers!