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10 months after brostrum - seeing an ankle specialist...

So, I had surgery on 2/22/12 for a modified Brostrum procedure. I have had trouble with it ever since the surgery. I fell while delivering pizza for Dominos - so it is a workers comp case. It has been a nightmare with workers comp. The doctor that did the surgery was so unclear. When he evaluated me for surgery he said I'd be off my foot for six weeks. After the surgery he changed it to two weeks. I didn't start rehab until 8 weeks after the surgery. I wound up changing doctors because this first doctor wouldn't "listen" to me. My ankle has continually gotten worse, more painful and so uncomfortable. I have been seeing a different doctor and he has recommended that I see an ankle reconstruction specialist in Baltimore. Workers comp has finally approved me to see an ankle specialist in Baltimore at Mercy Hospital next week.

I am beyond frustrated and discouraged. I am limping again, my foot feels like it is on fire and it just throbs/pounds with the pain. Workers comp has given me the run around - it took them 8 weeks to approve this appointment next Tuesday. I know this new doctor will probably want a new MRI, etc. and dread how long it is going to take to get through all the "tests", etc.

My ankle is "rolling" again like it did before the surgery. I "tripped" over it last night cause it just gave out from under me and tried to roll on me again. I feel like this thing is getting worse - not better. The other day I shifted my weight in the shower and it hurt my ankle so badly I had to pick it up and couldn't bear weight on it for about 30 seconds.....sigh.

I have no idea what to expect on Tuesday in Baltimore, but honestly, the pain has gotten so bad - I'm willing to try anything....again.

Who knew that falling off a porch delivering pizza last December would turn into something like this? The people that I delivered the pizza to - never turned on the porch light and to top it off I have fibromyalgia - which I'm sure isn't helping my situation.. I just want the pain to go away.... I want to feel better with this ankle of mine......

So here's to hoping the specialist in Baltimore can figure out what the next step has to be - even if it's more surgery - I want to just get it out of the way so I can have my life back!

Sorry for the rant - just very discouraged and frustrated today.

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