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Re: Super heavy periods... what's normal?


I can SOOOO RELATE to this!!!!

I, too, have had heavy heavy periods for years... My GYN in the past, just said to live with it - I've been seeing another GYN, a WOMAN and she said we will do tests..

Last year, I ended up having a vaginal sonogram and it showed a fibroid -- very small, but she said it probably wasn't the reason for all the bleeding.

I was supposed to go for a biopsy and someone told me it was painful, so of course, as normal, I blew it off and dealt with monthly heavy's and clotting.

Well this past month and 1/2 I've had my 'friend' for almost 15 days.. the grossness was out of control.

I'm also anemic which doesn't help - anemic due to these monthly issues.

My hemoglobin levels this month were 6.7 .. I get regular IV fluids of iron from my hematologist every 4-8 weeks to keep my levels up... but when my friend is this bad, my body has a hard time recoop'ing...

So with all this, today I had a vaginal sonogram, biopsy next week and if all cleared i'm having a cryoblation on the 25th of the month.

I was told it's the best option for now right now...  

I'm 45 and peri meno and 1/2 the time they don't believe me..

When my anemia kicks into overdrive, my heart palpitations and weakness is just horrible, plain old horrible...

Best of luck.... let me know how you make out.