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Re: trying t get back my strength after tri-by-pass. energy just not there.

Originally Posted by blued2cu2 View Post
i recently had atripple by-pass only to have another attack 4 months later. when they gave me the groin angiogram?? the doctor said that he could not even get a stint in because the arteries that they just replaced were closed off and that if he tried to ,he thought he may perforate the artery and me bleedout. well there was a conversation between the cardiologist in which i heard one say " i could'nt tell you if he has 6 minutes,6 hours, or 6 months. when he hung up he would'nt answer any of my questions. about 2 weeks later i and my wife went in for my appt. and we stated that we were going on vacation. Well the look that the P.A. gave us both ,we knew something was up. But she hurried and got us a copy of the angeogram and copies of thhe meds and treatments i had received. Then they started talking about aggressive med regiments. So My QUESTION IS......JUST WHAT IS AGGRESSIVE MEDS REGIMENTS. THEY SCARED US BY GIVING ME THE IMPRESSION THAT THERE IS REALLY NOTHING THAT THEY CAN DO, THERE IS NO OPTION OF TAKING MORE VEINS FROM MY OTHER LEG, THAY SAID THAT THERE WAS NOTHING FOR THEM TO ATTACHANYTHING ELSE TO MY ARTERIES BECAUSE OF THE BRITTLE NESS. BE HONEST... GOES ANYONE NOW HOW LONG I ACTUALLY HAVE LEFT??????? I HAVE NO BURIAL INSURANCE AND IF I DIE ,MY FAMILY WILL SUFFER DRAMATICALLY. WHAT DO I DO??? I TRULY NEED YOUR EXPERISE AND HONEST REPLYS. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOU TIME.
in the same boat as you i have 2 90% i found out monday 2nd time for fixed thfirst the next day. cam I got hearth cath done this Monday evenig 1/12/13
was brought t0 the ER the heart attack (second)
Cath showed 2 blockages around 90% stayed hospital for 2 1/2 days
doctor came and told me about the blockages and any over 50% would have to be fixed and i said when we going to do this and sent me home ,for an appointmentat his office amonth later .2blockages that high and was in there for a heart attack already why wouldn't the fix them like they did the first blockage was done about 17months ago was a triple bypas. i would have thought they would fix it right in there while I was in the hosipital