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It is one month today that I began to experience constant abdominal pain.
I have long history of constipation & was on prescription Kristalose since 2002 until it began to myseriously make me ill back in early November.

I go days without a meal (or anything of substance) due to severe pain after eating.

On Thursday, I ate first meal since Sunday--a Lean Cuisine. Pain worsened & I had to lie down with heating pad. Had s4 brief bowel movements (small, flat, reddish brown).

I get no relief after bowel movements--pain & bloating becomes nearly unbearable.

This morning I had another small bowel movement, this time it was grayish-colored. I usually do not observe b/m but I cannot tell I've had a b/m unless I check.

I have never had these symptoms like this before. I do not understand how they could have developed suddenly & increased in severity. There is never a moment I am not having abdominal pain.

I've had two abdominal CT scans--one today & the other in Nov. Several stomach x-rays & lab tests. All are normal!!

GI doctor said it was all due to constipation. I KNOW what constipation pain feels like--it never made me lose appetite & have pain after b/m!!

I cannot live like this!!!

ER doctor gave me hyoscyamine 125 mg every 4 hours. I am scared to take this medication due to side effects of blurred vision.

I am in shock that a month as passed & I don't know what is wrong. When I say I'm in agonizing pain, I am not exaggerating!!
Champagne for my real friends & real pain for my sham friends! (teehee)

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