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recently diagnosed

and after reading and dealing with this pain, I'm not thrilled.
at first I thought maybe this pain was temporary, it would leave me and never return.

when I first experienced the pain I thought it was a tooth but then after eating,drinking, and poking at all my teeth I realized it was something more serious. I had 2 sleepless nights before finally going to the ER.
they ordered a ct scan and told me it was TN. I was elated to know there was something out there and I wasnt going nuts. now I'm just irritated.

the first two nights of pain were excruciating. I was laying on the floor in the fetal position crying because the waves of pain that would come over my face. it would hurt from my ear all the way to my chin. it would only last about 15-30 seconds at a time and came every 5-10 min. those were the longest seconds of my life. I was taking about 1500 mg of tylenol, the only time in my life i had ever taken more than 200 mg. the pain finally subsided and I went to sleep. all day I have a somewhat constant annoyance of pain. the sharp pains from the first two nights are the worst Ive felt so far.

Ive read that eating and drinking can make the pain worse, so far I do not have that problem. my biggest issue is going from hot to cold. I love hot showers but my roommate loves the AC set at ice box levels. I had to show her my papers from the emergency room that said extreme temp changes are very bad! she has gotten a little better about it but complains to our other roommates about how hot the apt is, like Im doing this on purpose!!
Ive changed my routines to fit my angry face. i take cooler showers. wrap my face with a scarf if its cold out and avoid the cold weather as much as I can. I go to class late sometimes if its really cold when I'm supposed to leave the house. I feel its a small sacrifice to make to avoid the pain.

I'm told this will only get worse. I recently turned 26, Ive had this for less than 4 months.
any advice in dealing with this would be great.

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