Thread: Asthma or Cold?
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Re: Asthma or Cold?

So the doc seemed to think it was my asthma acting up. He said I didn't look or sound sick, although theres still the chance I could have some kind of virus (I'm still not getting any cold symptoms, and considering this chest problem started around Tuesday I think its doubtful I have a cold or virus). He agreed with most of the posters here that I should use the rescue inhaler before exercising, which I will start doing once I'm better!

My asthma wasn't too severe, but he prescribed me some prednisone as well as albuterol for my nebulizer. After the first day of using them I'm starting to feel a bit better.

Question, this is my first time using albuterol in a nebulizer (previously I had used xopenex) and I felt like it aggravated my chest a bit. It wasn't unbearable or anything, but it was uncomfortable for a few hours (it did clear things up in there, however). Is that normal?

Hopefully Ill be getting better soon. Thanks for the replies here =)