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Re: Muscular Pain Questions NEW here

I was recently told that they think I have Limb Girdle MD. I am still waiting to go back in February to find out for sure but my symptoms are very similar to Mandy's. I am in my early 30s and up to about the last year or two I was able to climb stairs. Now I can walk up and down stairs but it is painful and the stairs need to have railing otherwise I am not able to climb them. I also use a cane when I walk to help with the pain and stability because my balance has gotten extremely bad.

I have a stabbing pain on my right low back when I walk and I can't stand for too long either. It is also a stabbing pain but can be sort of numbing. I can still lift my arms but I cannot lift anything above my chest and my arms do get that burning sensation that Mandy mentioned. My legs get that burning sensation as well. It is also difficult for me to grab things but I was told I have arthritis so it could be from that as well. What causes me more difficulty to lift are my legs. I have tried to do at least some sort of sitting exercises and when I lift my right leg especially it feels very heavy. But the pains I get are usually stabbing, burning sensations. Sometimes numb like.

Hope things continue to go well for you in the gym!

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