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Re: 10 months after brostrum - seeing an ankle specialist ....

Originally Posted by Btrfli1 View Post
Hi Joy, I had a brostrom and ligament rpr about 8 yrs ago. The ankle had sustained numerous sprains and injuries over a long period of time. Surgery was successful, but ankle has rolled and sprained since. Got to the point that it was basically providing no stability, painful swelling, and was limiting my mobility and quality of life. Injured again in Oct, saw my ortho, (foot/ankle specialist) and had MRI. Recommendation was Chrisman-Snook ankle reconstruction. That was done Dec 11th and I'm progressing well with my recovery.
The new dr will prob order a new MRI, results should return quickly. When I reinsured my ankle in Oct, my dr put me in a short boot, with air chambers, and although e all hate the dreaded "boots", it did provide relief in the form of support when I walked. I was in the boot until surgery. I don't know if some type of support (brace, boot) would help you.
I know you're so frustrated. Sounds like you've got a good dr on Tues who can get to the bottom of your pain. Look forward to hearing from you. Take care!!
Thanks for the encouragement! I was glad to read your response that you also struggled after the Brostrum procedure. I have felt like "it's all in my head" or I'm making it up or something - because I haven't gotten any better...and actually am feeling worse in the past couple weeks. I hope you are correct about the MRI being done quickly. Workers comp usually takes about a month to actually "approve" anything, etc. I'm hoping they will move faster - but I've been dealing with them and this issue since 12/3/11 - over a year now.

I do have a lace up boot as well as an aircast. What is strange is that when I wear the lace up boot - my ankle still buckles and rolls - even while I'm in that brace. So the doctor tried an aircast..... isn't nearly as supportive, but it has made my ankle stop buckling and rolling on me while I am wearing it.

My ankle still feels so unstable, so uncertain. The other day I was in the shower and just shifted my weight on it - it hurt so much I had to pick it up and couldn't put weight on it at all for like 30 seconds. And then the next night I was walking to my bedroom and it rolled under me - and I saw stars again because it hurt so much.

Honestly - I wouldn't mind facing another surgery and dealing with the pain - yes, it will hurt.....but if it makes my ankle better - then I'm ready to do it. I cannot walk or be on my foot for more than 20 minutes or so without severe pain. My quality of life has gone down hill - but I am trying to make the best of it, trying to stay positive and continue to do things as possible.

So I'm hoping the surgeon will "see" the issues/pain/etc. I really need to write down what has been happening to me, so that I won't forget. I guess he is one of the best surgeons in the area as far as ankle issues, reconstruction, etc. I have a friend going with me - thankfully. She took care of me last year after the surgery and has been there with me for all these appointments. so that is a very good thing!

I'm glad you are recovering nicely - it gives me hope