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Tight Foreskin - Anxiety Issues

Hey Guys,

Just want to thank you ahead of time for reading this. Never thought I'd end up on a site like this but good to know there is a community out there that will listen.

Here is my situation, I'll try to keep it brief:

I am 21 and have "tried" to have sex about 10-12 times total. I have never had a girlfriend, this is with various different girls. I'd say 2 of them were positive sexual experiences. Most of them ended with losing an erection and needing to apologize. i am UNCIRCUMCISED. This may be the cause of the issue.

Details: I am straight, and have no issue talking to girls. I just don;t have much sexual experience for someone my age. I have had a history of tight foreskin. I can retract the skin flaccid without any issue or pain at all (this was not the case a few years ago). But when erect, I cannot roll the foreskin like I can when it is flaccid. I can see the glans a little, but cannot get it to stay back. sometimes I trick my penis and roll it back flaccid, then try to get an erection. I am able to keep the skin back in doing so, but it is painful, and I usually just end up losing the erection.

Given that my partners usually roll the skin back and fellate me with the head exposed, this poses a problem: I cannot maintain an erection and have the foreskin back.

I also watch pornography and do not have the best diet, 2 issues I am looking to solve in 2013.

But guys, I just have so many questions at this point as to why I am unable to enjoy a normal sex life. Could it be my foreskin issue (my prediction), my porn addiction, or my seemingly simple diet?

I understand porn is a problem, so what I am really asking for here is how to resolve the tight foreskin (only with erection) issue, and if anyone else could shed light on maybe dealing with the problem in his own life.

Thanks so much guys, it means a lot

- KoranGuy

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