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Re: Basal Joint surgery

Originally Posted by margarita889 View Post
Hi Haydena and Cassie,

Went in this morning at 7:15 and got my shot. He really loaded in the anaesthetic this time-even at 1:00 I can still feel it working. Now hopefully in the next day or so the cortisone will kick in and I will have my hand back again. Its been to the point that my sleeve brushing it was painful and there was pain at night, so some relief-even if it is not complete will be welcome. Only a few days now until I get the cast off, so that will take some pressure off my left hand as well as I move into PT and using it bit by bit. And my cast is perfectly comfortable with a divot out the thumb and one out to let the knuckle of my index finger have more room. It looks like quite a sight!

Have a great weekend!

Hi Linda,

By now the cortisone shot you got on Friday should have kicked in & I hope you are more comfortable. Pain is a horror.

I changed my surgery date to 4. February to give me some breathing space to get all the test results in on time. I feel relieved now! I have an appointment with the ''knock-out' doctor (I can never get the spelling right!) 1 week before my surgery, when I need to bring him all my test results.

I found a file loaded with notes about my previous (left) hand surgery. I kept a diary about the physio routine & will use this when I start my physio. My surgeon's physiotherapist only gave me 15 minutes of her time which I thought was'nt enough. I found a highly trained private hand physiotherapist, who came to my home 3 times for 70 minutes each time. She reassured me & gave me back the confidence to use my hand, by telling me, ''you can't hurt your hand.''

Linda, when you start your physio, one of the best things you can do for your hand is to place it in a large bowel of warm water & move your fingers & rotate your wrist, slowly. Cream your hand well, each time afterwards.I did this religiously 3 times a day.

I was also told to use a rubber ball, the size of a tennis ball. Place ball in palm of hand & gently bend only the tip of your thumb & slightly squeeze the ball with the rest of your fingers.

Your thumb will be very stiff, your wrist less stiff. Dont worry about this because as the days pass the stiffness vanishes. You may also get a tingling sensation & the feeling of pins & needles in your thumb. Again, dont worry about that, as it passes within time. If your thumb, wrist or incision feels itchy,
use a good non-perfumed cream for relief.In fact you need to hydrate your hand as much as possible.

By the time your cast comes off (YAY) your thumb & incision may still be swollen. I suggest you buy ''Traumeel'' ointment or cream, which has the most amount of arnica in it. This is a homeopathic remedy used for swelling, bruising & pain. Traumeel will reduce the swelling real fast & I swear by this cream.
Traumeel is a German product made by ''Heel" (of Germany) I have been told that it is obtainable in the US.

If you have any questions or worries about the next stage, dont hesitate to ask me.
I wish you good luck for the day your cast comes off & continued healing.

Take care.

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