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Re: Basal Joint surgery

Hi Haydena,

I am so delighted-my left thumb is pain free. Hurray for cortisone! I don't know how long it will last, but at least I will be able to do my correcting for exams.

Your suggestion about the warm water is appreciated. I have regularly used heat to soothe and relax my hands and when I had hand therapy 4 years ago when my thumbs started to go they used a hot wax bath. It felt so good that I bought one and although it is messy it feels fantastic.

I agree with you on the arnica- I have used it my last 4 surgeries. I also take bromelain-an extract from pineapple- to help with breaking down cells damaged during surgery. There was an article in The Lancet on a study that showed it sped up healing after surgery. I always hear from my OS that I heal faster than normal-my swelling is down a week ahead of expectations- and I believe the bromelain makes the difference. It is taken as a digestive aid by many people, so it is safe. You might want to check out the study and ask your doctor. The nice thing is that it helps from day one when you can't use the arnica because of the dressing.

I'm hoping to get into therapy right away- I know I will have a lot of work ahead to loosen things up. One of my friends who is a massage therapist and athletic trainer will help me get things moving as well. I see her every day at work, so my hand will get all the stretching it needs. I have great hopes of a speedy recovery because I have been doing exercises daily for years to keep my hands loosened up and strong as the joints slowly got worse. I will look forward to trying out your suggestions soon as well.

I am glad that you have your date for certain. It will give you the luxury of taking your time and maybe even get some of the usual spring projects done before surgery rather than in March.

I am hoping to go to Florida in March to see my mother who went into a nursing home in December. We own the house she was living in, and I would like to get it in shape to rent if possible. Our big work trip and visit is in June, but the "snowbirds" usually rent for the next year in the spring. So my hands will definitely get a workout and will need to be ready.

I will let you know how things go on Wednesday. I will have to be very specific as they shape the splint-I won't be able to file that one down so easily! I have had custom splints in the past, and if the thumb isn't perfect any swelling(and I like my potato chips ) is painful. So wish me luck!

Have a great week!


P.S. Cassie-how are things going?