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seeking out support

I am new and my awful experience with my VA is a major reason for seeking out support through other avenues.

I returned home from Afghanistan in January 2012 with awful back and neck pain, numbness and tingling in my arms, headaches, and various other symptoms. I was seen in theatre twice for the pain and told I would need an MRI when I returned home, and I was able to continue my mission with the aid of ibuprofen, and occasional Torodol injections. I was told at Ft. Hood, my de-mob station, that my care would happen at the VA. Sure it would.
The VA refused to see me until I had a PCP assigned to me, and I would have to wait to and be seen by my PCP before I could be referred to any specialist. It took 3 months to get an appointment. Whenever I called to try and get an appointment earlier, I was given excuses such as,"we're too busy with so many of you coming home all the time now." It was all downhill from there. I would include all the details, but this forum is not appropriate as the story is a long one. I have received very little care, initially told my pain was caused by anxiety and depression (I was anxious and depressed because I was in pain, not the other way around), only given pain meds after an MRI that was only done after a middle of the night trip to the emergency room (after two useless visits to my PCP), and still told my pain was caused by depression even though I was given a 40% disability rating, which has nothing to do with any mental health issues. As far as any real anxiety or depression, I am not an anxious or depressed person by nature, and while I was experiencing some of both, it was in direct correlation to my pain, lack of sleep due to pain, and the rising frustration with the VA. My diagnoses: DJD, Arthritis, Bulging Discs, Radiculopathy, and Cervical Spondylosis.

I am still feeling very frustrated, not receiving any type of physical therapy or treatment other than pain meds that I do not want to take any more, and have not heard from my PCP for over 6 months. I am shopping around for a private doctor, but given my recent experience, I am very leery of physicians right now.

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