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Re: 10 months after brostrum - seeing an ankle specialist ....

Originally Posted by ginger62 View Post
Joyful, I made the 7 hour (one way) trip from NC to MD to have my surgery done at Mercy. In my opinion they were just the best. I was out of there in under an hour for my first consult. They looked at my ankle, knew immediately what was wrong (I knew already too, but they didn't put me through the wringer), took a few X-rays and scheduled my surgery on the spot. I saw Dr. Myerson but I'm pretty sure everyone in the practice is great. They answered all of my questions that I had there and were super patient when I called with more later on. If you schedule your surgery with them, make sure to get their email address for quicker correspondence.
I really was so happy with my decision to go there. I hope they can help you! Good luck. Keep us posted. I read all through this board a year before my surgery so I am familiar with your story. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Ginger - thank you SO much for this response. Honestly I am so hoping and praying he can figure it out and let me schedule the surgery while I'm there on Tuesday. I'm so sick of dealing with this ankle - I just want to get it fixed - even if it means surgery - so I'm hoping they won't require an MRI - I have xrays from my other doctor, but I don't have an MRI for him.

It is a relief to read this post and to feel encouraged. Finally some good news in the midst of all this stuff. Sadly the surgeon that did the surgery - I left him in July and have a different doctor who is also an orthopedic doctor. The first doctor told me that I was making up this pain - that I didn't want to go back to work, etc. I was furious. He made me go back to work - I lasted about 30 minutes - even with sitting down and I was in so much pain the next day I couldn't walk. I had PT that day - and the PT was furious as my ankle was SO swollen and she couldn't do much with it. The first doctor started throwing out all these statistics about why I should be better & how it is all in my head, blah, blah, blah. The second doctor has been very good - but has said he is at his wits end regarding my ankle and sent me to Mercy to the "best" to figure out what is going on inside my ankle.

So, thanks again - for the encouragement - it was much needed!

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