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Re: 10 months after brostrum - seeing an ankle specialist ....

Originally Posted by Snowrunner View Post
What an #%*. I cannot believe that first doctor! I am so livid for you. Luckily you've got a new appointment with someone great.

I really like my doctor and even he wasn't sure what to do with me back in August. At first it was.. Well. Less than 5% need a repeat surgery... Try this boot for a month. It took two months for him to do the MRI. I really thought he was just going to tell me it was going to take more time and to just stay off of it... I was shocked when he looked and told me it needed surgery again.

I kind of hyperventilated and had to take a moment to breathe and not cry.

But it was good to have answers. And to know, finally, I wasn't being a wimp, tha the pain I was feeling had a 'legitimate' (1 1/2 inch tear!) cause. I totally understand that feeling. You are right. There is something seriously wrong with your ankle and you need help. I hope you get some good answers soon.
I'm so glad you were able to get relief. Yes, the first doctor I had was horrible - even after the surgery - he kept telling me I shouldn't be in so much pain. He sat me down and told me he thought I was manipulating the system since it was a workers comp issue. Now mind you - I have a full time job - I only missed TWO weeks of work after the surgery. It was my p/t job (delivering pizza) that I couldn't and STILL cannot do. He MADE me go back to work - delivering pizzas - even though I told him I couldn't walk up/down stairs, couldn't do hills, etc. I lasted about 30 minutes - and had to go home because I hurt so much. The day after that I had PT - she was furious - it was swollen about twice the size and she couldn't do anything with it. I tried to tell the doctor about it and he would not listen to me. So then he sat me down and told me about statistics and how the only people that EVER have problems with the surgery are the workers comp clients - as they really don't want to go back to work, that I was making it up, blah, blah, blah. It was really bad - so that's when I switched to thew new ortho - he is much better. He always believes me, always makes sure I have pain meds, etc. It is a relief!

It would be really nice if I could set a surgery date when I see him on Tuesday - I am so sick of this pain.

It has been so encouraging to come back on the forums and just receive such support & encouragement......

How are you feeling Snowrunner?