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Re: Adult PE tubes for Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

In speaking of the hearing difference I mean that I literally felt like I should be deaf in that ear. I would keep covering the other non tubed ear to make sure I was still hearing. I kept getting mad at myself for getting it done. It was for me a complete nightmare. What I do know is this- it's rare for people like us with ETD symptoms to be able to valsalva successfully at all (experience). This is what keeps me sane when this is acting up. They aren't clogged tubes, they are just sluggish or inflamed. Tubes were designed to help those with middle ear fluid problems because long standing middle ear fluid can erode the middle ear bones and cause permanent damage that can only be repaired surgically. Pressure problems are looked upon by the medical community as an inconvenience but not hearing threatening. This is my opinion based on a year of experience with this. Since you're able to valsalva, I wouldn't even recommended the Eustachian tube dilation if they had it out by you because it does carry the risk of causing patulous ETD which is permanent autophony and heartbeat/body sounds. I actually had brief episodes with patulous ETD shortly after my surgery during the recovery period. It was pretty scary. Thankfully it didn't persist. But it could have. Has your dr given you any other options? Has he/she suggested what they think is the cause of your ETD? Honestly I think it's inflammation, not enough to close off the e tubes, like for some people, but enough to create that pressure sensation that is god-awful. What else have you tried to alleviate the problem?