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Re: Going crazy from RLS!

Hi Isotope,

I have just joined this message board as someone who has had RLS for quite some time now.

I have been using Mirapexin. a low dose, 0.08mg which me doctor advises me as a good starting dose but I am able to take more than the prescribed dose if the symptoms become overwhelming as they do from time to time. The doctor just prescribes me more tablets if I have had to use more. He prefers to do it this way rather than increase the basic dose.

However, now and again the problem really flares up and these last few days have been a nightmare for me. It's settling down now but have had very little sleep over the past four days. When it flares up like that, the mirapexin is no help at all.

Normally the Mirapexin does a very good job for me.

The last time I had a bad attack like this was a couple of years ago when I was on holiday in Florida. It spoilt that holiday for a few days!!

I hope that this is of some help to you and can get you some relief fro mthis horrible problem.

Kind regards.