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Re: Anyone else have these symptoms with Hashimoto's?

I will have to check and see if they can add those tests to my work up. The main problem is that I cant afford a proper Endocrinologist, I go to a low cost doctor and she tends to go off strictly my TSH. They see a bigger guy with a rare disease for men and they tend to focus on other things. My overall Cholesterol is only 98, which astounds her greatly because she assumes that I must eat poorly and not exercise.

When I get my full work up back I'll post about it, but I feel like after all these years I'm still very ignorant on the disease. I also have developed lactose intolerance since my diagnosis. I also have been suspecting that I might have Fibromyalgia due to my Hashimoto's disease. A lot of those symptoms seem to make sense.

Another problem I have is that I am fearful of doctors and I'm kind of afraid to speak up for myself. This hampers learning about my disease and even though we live in an age of the internet, I've not been able to find conclusive help on my condition because so much of the information is varied from person to person. I have never even had a sonogram of my throat since my original diagnosis....

I appreciate all the ideas though, I'll definitely keep everyone up to date on my results.