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Lightbulb Re: H e l p ! ! !

I never heard of it. How is it diagnosed?

I have had no stool sample tests, ultrasound or even an upper/lower GI.

Just abdominal CT scans (2) stomach xrays & labwork.

In early 2000s I experienced "sour stomach," & indigestion which were treated successfully with Bentyl & aciphex.

My symptoms are completely different now. Bentyl did not help nor did zantac 300 mg.

A few times during "dry heaves," I saw tiny flecks of blood. I had that several years ago. I don't believe it is related to the massive pain/bloating after bowel movements & constant stomach pain.

I believe this all began in late October when the Kristalose (prescription laxative, lactalose) I'd been on since early 2002 basically turned on me. It was still giving me bowel movements albeit not a lot. But the stuff began to cause horrible bloating & nausea which would last up to two days. I was forced to discontinue. Now ALL laxatives are causing the same symptoms.

I am miserable every minute of the day.

I'm wondering if amitiza will help? I am DESPERATE!!!
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